Building Construction Technology


Building construction is the process of constructing buildings for residential, business, recreational, Factories, Hospital and other purposes systematically in accordance with their plan and design.

The course building construction help students to acquire adequate skill and knowledge about different types of building techniques, how to draw building plans, prepare estimates quantify and supervise the construction from the design stage to the completing stage.

The department was named after George Brown who happens to be the first principal of the Centre.

The course BCT is an age-long vocation which has gone through series of transformation from clay to cement stage.

Right from the onset of civilization BCT has proven to be among the most essential need of the human race and for that matter, a noble vocation.

According to Abraham Maslow (1968) on his hierarchy of needs, the most basic need of every human being is the safety needs which include; food, clothing and shelter.  Indeed, without shelter which is provided by this noble profession, no business whatsoever, nor life can thrive.



The Building Construction department is poised in achieving academic excellence and social transformation of students’ behavior. It is a popular belief that discipline is the hallmark of success.

The department is to ensure that students develop the ability to organize and execute construction work in accordance with the prescribe specification within the specified period.

To develop the ability to distinguish between good and bad workmanship so as to minimize wastage and maximize profit.

To develop the ability to maintain the existing building so as to prolong the serviceable life of the building.


Building Construction Technology department undergo a three-year programme, the four (4) main Elective components are as follows:

  • Construction Practice
  • Construction Materials and Processes
  • Technical Drawing/Building Drawing
  • Practical (Tilling)


Students or Trainees in the computer Technology department are given attachment letters to companies during long vacation to enhance their practical skills.


After the three years programme, students are given certificate by the Technical Examination Unit and National Board for Professional and Technician Examination.


After the three year programme, students who are successful can proceed or further to any tertiary institution to offer BSc Building Construction Technology, Civil engineering and any other related Construction programme.


The study of BCT makes its graduates or Trainees so versatile in all areas of the building trade. Students can get employment in any construction company or can set up their own business.