Admission To Course

Admission is open to B.E.C.E holders aggregate not above 30, apprentices and master craftsmen alike. There is full-time, part-time/ afternoon programmes.

A student is enrolled with the understanding that he/she complies with the prescribed instructions with regard to the class work, laboratory work, homework, and examination.

These requirements are not optioned on the part of the students but are essential conditions for continuation of the course. Students may be asked to withdraw from a course unless they complete satisfactorily the previous term’s work and are recommended by the Heads of Department.

Why Choose Our Institution

The staff and instructors are made up of World-Class Distinguished Academics and Personalities, We also have modern and well-equipped engineering and computer laboratories for students.

Well Equipped Workshop

Our workshops are well equipped with specific tools for student practicals.

Skilled Teachers

Highly skilled teachers make the difference in children’s learning.

Book Library

The school library provides resources and services that support students.